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About NZ

New Zealand offers an attractive destination for business and a welcoming environment for investment in the oil and gas and other sectors.

An island nation

Located in the south west Pacific Ocean, New Zealand comprises two primary land masses - the North and South Islands - as well as an extensive subsea area over which the New Zealand Government exercises authority to allocate rights to petroleum.

The oil and gas industry is centred on and around the Taranaki region, centrally located on the North Island’s west coast, with on and offshore exploration activity on the north island’s east coast and the South Island’s south coast – the Great Southern Basin.

Easy to do business

New Zealand offers an easy, safe and secure nation in which to do business. The World Bank has ranked New Zealand as the 3rd easiest nation in which to do business.

New Zealand offers businesses and investors:

  • A safe country
  • A stable economy
  • A supportive political environment
  • A skilled workforce, and
  • An excellent lifestyle

In the global context, New Zealand is one of the wealthier economies. Its population base of approximately 4 million people are predominantly English speaking, educated, skilled and enjoy a comfortable standard of living.

The New Zealand Government is democratically elected, the largest city is Auckland and the capital Wellington.

The nation’s economy is rich in natural resources. Major exports include milk powder and dairy products, meat, wool, wood and oil. There is a progressive industrial base and modern infrastructure. 

A full range of New Zealand economic statistics, such as GDP, migration and employment, can be sourced from Statistics New Zealand.