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Date Posted: 5/06/2014
by PCE

This report follows from the Commissioner’s 2012 report on fracking, which was focused on the environmental effects of oil and gas drilling and fracking. The Commissioner’s new report assesses whether government oversight and regulation are adequate to ensure drilling and fracking will be done safely.

Date Posted: 27/03/2014
by Ministry of the Environment

Provides guidance to councils who regulate onshore petroleum development activities including hydraulic fracturing. Clarifies the regulatory roles of hydraulic fracturing-related activities;Provides guidance to local government for managing the effects of these activities under the RMA 1991.

Date Posted: 13/12/2013
by Taranaki Regional Council (TRC)

A guide to regulating oil and gas exploration and development - including hydraulic fracturing - under the RMA. The 240 page guide distills the TRC's experience in this field over 3 decades and its intent is to promote a consistent and integrated approach among NZ agencies.

Date Posted: 1/09/2013
by Otago University

Provides a context to Mining in New Zealand for Maori people, Iwi and others. Topics includse: the process of mining, values, mineral law, economics and environmental aspects of mining.

Date Posted: 3/10/2013
by AgKnowledge Ltd & Taranaki Regional Council

Purpose: To ascertain whether landfarms in Taranaki were fit for pastoral farming, esp. dairy farming. Three landfarm sites were investigated. Their soils were found to be similar to normal New Zealand soils. No evidence of the accumulation of petrochemical residues. Land farming significantly enhanced the productivity of the land.