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Energy Stats, Facts & Figures

O&G Reserves

  • Oil production and reserves statistics (prodn, reserves of producing fields & proven oil/condensate for non-producing fields)
  • Gas production and reserves statistics (prodn, reserves of producing fields, proven reserves for non-producing fields)

Wells drilled - statistics in excel - number of wells drilled onshore & off shore

Energy Data File (Annual)   provides data and information on New Zealand's energy sector, including statistics on supply and demand by fuel types, energy balance tables, pricing information and international comparisons. It is an annual publication. The 2012 edition includes information up to the end of the calendar 2011.

Energy Quarterly - provides latest stats on supply of major fuels, pricing information and greenhouse emissions.

List - MED Energy Publications - MED have many useful statistic and monitoring publications covering energy balances, coal, oil, gas, renewables, electricity, reserves, prices, international comaprisons, fuel properties and green house emissions.

Jobs, GDP and economic contribution of the O&G industry to NZ - The Wealth Beneath Our Feet Publication is a foundation document commissioned by Venture Taranaki and now widely used by Government and industry to explain the economic and non-quantitative benefits of the O&G industry to NZ.

The New Zealand Energy Sector (2012 publication by New Zealand Trade and Enterprise) - provides an overview of the New Zealand energy market for parties interested in investing in New Zealand. Contents include an overview of New Zealand’s energy sources, our energy-related policies, some company examples, information about electricity supply and demand as well as the electricity market in New Zealand. 66 pages.