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05 Sep 18

By Neil Ritchie

Besides the on-going programmes of the two largest unlisted companies in New Zealand – Todd Energy and Greymouth Petroleum – work is also progressing with preparations for drilling the onshore Taranaki Kohatukai-1 well.

Operator Australian listed AWE - and partners NZOG, together with NZOG’s new majority shareholder OG Oil & Gas, and Mitsui are scheduled to drill Kohatukai-1 during the next few months, with a rig contract already finalised.

10 Aug 18

By Neil Ritchie

Energy executive Andrew Clennett predicts a bright future for Taranaki, and for New Zealand, if this region can successfully diversify to include hydrogen powered motor vehicles, using hydrogen as a fuel for industrial feedstocks, heat power storage or even exporting the most abundant chemical substance in the world.

The Hiringa Energy chief executive says a hydrogen ecosystem could harness the skills of both the country’s petroleum and renewable energy industries.

08 Aug 18

By Neil Ritchie

10 Jul 18

By Neil Ritchie

Mostly out of sight but definitely not out of mind is an apt phrase for some of the recent or planned future activities for New Zealand’s oil and gas industry.

In March a leak in the petroleum pipeline from the near-shore Pohokura platform to shore was discovered and immediately shut down. This lack of gas caused the nearby Methanex methanol plants to also shut down.

15 Jun 18

IPL has successfully complied with all IANZ accreditation criteria and is being recommended for IANZ accreditation status for their New Plymouth lab. 

The IANZ status provides assurance to IPL’s customers that their testing is being performed in a professional and technically reliable way in accordance with international standards.

05 Jun 18

By Neil Ritchie

The next decade should see enough petroleum wells drilled, as well as some field abandonments, to keep the existing oil and gas industry busy both in the waters off and onshore in Taranaki  --  New Zealand’s only commercial energy region.

Every month or so more details are emerging of future planned and possible activities.

07 May 18

By Neil Ritchie

After scouring the skies for signs of any significant offshore oil and gas activity, the Kiwi petroleum industry is looking forward to sighting a semi-submersible drilling rig working off the Taranaki coast next summer.

Malaysian company Taranaki Management has applied to the Environmental Protection Authority for the marine consents necessary to drill up to five development wells that will be sidetracked from up to four existing wells in the Tui mining licence PMP 38158.