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Taranaki's new O&G Talent Attraction and Retention campaign

Taranaki’s economy is growing so strongly the region is getting proactive – and creative – in a bid to lure hundreds of skilled workers to the region.

Significant and ongoing expansion in the region’s energy, engineering and associated industries have meant that Taranaki’s companies are struggling to find the skilled workers they need to meet growth.

Venture Taranaki - the region’s economic development agency – has launched a new campaign that seeks to attract back some of the nation’s ‘trades drain’ to the Australian market, and further afield.

The move positions Taranaki at the forefront of the fight to reverse the much publicised loss of New Zealand talent to the Australian labour market.

We are contending with Australian companies coming into the region to actively recruit our talented workers,” says Venture Taranaki chief executive Stuart Trundle.  

 “This campaign aims to ensure that Taranaki can continue to attract, secure, and retain the skilled workers necessary to meet the growth needs of our region’s companies.”

According to Anne Probert, Project Director at Venture Taranaki. “Taranaki experienced a net loss of people to overseas countries in the year ending June 2012. Australia comprised 31% of our long term international permanent arrivals but 73% of our long term departures. Many of the latter being our young and talented. We have a high demand in our region for skilled workers. We already have a high workforce participation rate and low unemployment. Skills are a limited factor to our industry growth".

The campaign was launched at a Taranaki industry and stakeholder function, and was featured on TV3 news

The bid to lure workers to the region follows the recently released findings of the Petroleum Skills Association of New Zealand (PSANZ) survey which highlighted the current and anticipated skill shortages experienced in the oil and gas industry, especially in relation to engineers, oil and gas industry operators and technical staff.

 “We’re extending our skills and talent attraction campaign and this includes a specific push into the Fly In Fly Out and ex-pat kiwi market” explains  Stuart Trundle.


FIFO (Fly In, Fly Out) – Australia

Fly in, Fly Out - better known as FIFO - has become an increasingly popular work choice for many skilled workers, particularly in the oil and gas, energy and mining industries. FIFO is increasingly commonplace in Western Australia and Queensland.

Taranaki’s FIFO campaign has two components. Firstly, it aims to ensure that Taranaki-based FIFO workers (those living in Taranaki and flying out to work in Australia) do not relocate permanently to Australia, adding to the loss of skills and people from New Zealand and Taranaki. 

Secondly, the campaign encourages Australian and international FIFO workers based in Australia to consider Taranaki as a lifestyle base for families, and as a professional destination for the time when FIFO loses its appeal.

Initial rollout iwill be focused on digital and social media activity.  


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Ex-Pat Video

Venture Taranaki has also developed an animated video on Taranaki, starring former local lad Ben Hurley. Targeting ex-pats, the video will also be released his week and combines the humour of Hurley with the attributes of Taranaki to showcase the region as the ideal place to live and work. 

The video aims to bump Taranaki ‘up the list’ of places to live and work amongst ex-pats and uses KEA research to present Taranaki as a remaining bastion of the New Zealand we all remember and skite about. 

the latest campaign

Venture Taranaki is encouraging the oil and gas (and other) industries to make full use of the tools on offer: These include: