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A comprehensive range of resources and information about the New Zealand oil and gas industry is available online.

Please note that the following links are provided for information only and contain external content that may or may not necessarily represent the views and opinions of EnergyStream, Venture Taranaki and other entities associated with this site.

Venture Taranaki

  • The Regional Development Agency for the Taranaki Region - New Zealand's premier oil and gas location. Supported by local and Central Government, the agency offers free, confidential assistance to prospective and existing business owners/investors.
  • Services includes administering the web site.
  • Corporate web site:

Oil and gas organisations

Training and development

New Zealand Universities – natural resource departments


Industry companies and contacts

Downstream companies

Alternative and renewable energy

Marine environment

Regional Councils

Government information

Government Departments

A comprehensive list of New Zealand government departments and agencies that provide a wide range of information and services useful and relevant to doing business in New Zealand.



Australia: National Off shore Petroeum Safety Authority (NOPSA):