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Ocean Science Consulting NZ (Asia-Pacific)

Contact email:
Years of operation in O&G industry: 10+ years
Brief company description:
Ocean Science Consulting New Zealand (Asia-Pacific – OSC-NZ) is the Asia-Pacific regional branch of Ocean Science Consulting Ltd (OSC), a technology-focused marine science company based in Scotland that has been providing environmental services worldwide to a range of clients and marine industries since its establishment in 2004. In NZ, the Managing Director has over 10 years experience in environmental regulation for the offshore sector, including involvement in development of the EEZ Act and secondary regulations, Maritime Transport Act Marine Protection Rules and guidance, and authoring the Department of Conservation seismic survey Code of Conduct.
Type of O&G business:
O and G supply chain/support company/organisation or agency
Head office location: Wellington (NZ)
Head office location (International): UK
Awards, achievements, technological advancements:
OSC-NZ’s objective is to ensure 100% compliance, which we achieve through our unparalleled technical expertise, understanding of the requirements of the DOC Seismic Code, relationships with key government agencies and stakeholder organisations, and commitment to the highest environmental standards. OSC-NZ provides specialist environmental services and personnel for marine seismic surveys, including: - Stakeholder engagement (government, iwi, industry and public relations); - Development of Marine Mammal Impact Assessments (MMIA) and Marine Mammal Mitigation Plans (MMMP); - Sound Transmission Loss Modelling (STLM) and ground truthing of acoustic predictions (real time attended noise validation) by specialist acousticians; - Supply of Qualified Observers – Marine Mammal Observers (MMO) and Passive Acoustic Monitoring (PAM) operators; - Supply and installation of PAM systems and towed and static hydrophone arrays; - Seismic data quality control; - Training and accreditation of observers (MMO & PAM); - Analysis of environmental data; and - Primary research to determine the effects of marine seismic surveys on New Zealand species and habitats
Projects in which your company has been significantly involved:
Other New Zealand projects: Key staff experience in approvals as a regulator for Maui (including decommissioning), Kupe, Maari, Tui, and multiple Marine Mammal Impact Assessments (MMIA), and Marine Mammal Mitigation Plans (MMMP) for marine seismic surveys.
Other international projects: see
Additional project comments:
OSC-NZ’s competitive edge is built on OSC’s core values, knowledge, experience and peerless reputation. The company is detail focused and believes in quality not quantity. For clients operating in the New Zealand region in particular, OSC-NZ offers unrivalled technical expertise, and an understanding of the requirements of the Seismic Code and other marine regulations, relationships with key government agencies & stakeholder organisations, and commitment to the highest environmental standards.
ISO 9001
Field operations:
  • Contractors/marine services/personnel
  • Decommissioning services, expertise, technologies
Other training and development opportunities offered: DOC Accredited Marine Mammal Observer (MMO) and Passive Acoustic Monitoring (PAM) Operators
Subsurface & drilling:
  • Exploration
  • Seismic/data acquisition - marine
  • Seismic/data analysis
  • Training
  • Specialist O&G consultancy
  • Permitting, regulatory assistance & advice
  • Public relations/consultation
  • Risk analysis
  • Quality assurance
Environmental Protection, Carbon Emission & Protection:
  • Carbon capture & storage
  • Oil spill response – all services/products/support
  • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and/or Assessment of Environment Effects (AEE)
  • Environmental consultancy
  • Regulatory/testing
  • Products
  • Other