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Symons Transport

Years of operation in O&G industry: 1-4 years
Brief company description:
Symons Transport is one of New Zealand's major trucking firms with extensive experience in the carting of liquids, ranging from milk to wine. As a result of their innovative developments and partnerships, Symons have made signficant in-roads into the oil and gas industry with the introduction of their specialised double-walled tankers. These tankers enable waxy crude to be transported more efficiently and effectively than the traditional tankers as a result of their heat retention properties, reducing costs for the client.
Type of O&G business:
O and G supply chain/support company/organisation or agency
Head office location: Taranaki (NZ)
Awards, achievements, technological advancements:
The introduction of specialised tankers for the O&G industry which offer greater levels of heat retention for product transportation, thus enhancing efficiencies to the client.
Projects in which your company has been significantly involved:
Other membership/s: NZ Heavy Haul Association, Road Transport Association
Logistics & transportation:
  • Land/road/truck
  • Storage